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Located at 2104 N Clark Street in Lincoln Park | Chicago 

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"Discover a global gallery of wearable art"

Star Spray Earrings

Made In

Mumbai | India

Have a sweet  tooth?

Florence | Italy

Dripping in Jewels...

"A window to the world"

Fluid Necklace

Schield | Florence

Sitara Earrings

"Make a bold statement and exude dynamic allure"

Marahabba Necklace

Shop Mumbai

If a black cat crosses your path it is said to bring good fortune, but if he walks away it takes the luck with him... hold on to him for luck

Onyx is said to bring strength and eliminate worry, tension and nightmares. Relief your tension with our Onyx Door Knocker Earrings made in London.

The Upside Down World

"Discover a key to the world of jewelry curated from international designers from around the globe. Jewelry handmade with love."

The Bahaar Necklace 

London | England

Red Agate is a protection stone that helps balance the Muladhara root chakra and allows you to stay grounded during emotional times. Stay grounded with our Red Agate Clip Earrings.

Panda Hoops

Toulouse | France

" A Curation for Every Style"

Have yourself a drink with our cocktail olive collection designed and made in Italy 

" Awaken Wanderlust"

Gold Geometric Earrings

Bow tie Bling

This Holiday Season

Limited Edition

Olive Garnisg Ring

Only 1 Left!