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I absolutely love these earrings. The design is unusual and whimsical. Very well made. Great addition to my earring collection. Striking in appearance.

– Margaret on Heart Earrings


Saw this ring on a Pinterest i think. I like the way it bends at the knuckle and it is gold and silver so it won't change colors on your finger. Happy with it! – Jamie Young on The Future Eve Ring 

SUPER EARRINGS! - Silver Geometrics Earrings

I spent a bit more on these than i wanted to.. but i couldn't resist! I went to this store in Chicago and when the sales girl told me Lady Gaga had the same earrings (love her) I had to! - J.J. on Silver Geometrics Earrings


This necklace goes with anything, and can be layered with other necklaces too! Really cute but also totally unique!! - Jackson Olenick on Teeth Brackets Pendant Silver Necklace

Coral Brooch

Nice brooch, very pretty and hand made. Looks nice on a blazer like in the picture. Thank you – Samantha Stouble on Blue Coral Isle Brooch


   We are Iris Trends: your personal shopper for the most rare, unique, and cutting edge in jewelry designs from around the globe. Owner Audrey Olenick hand selects each designer and piece in the Collection, providing a window to the world through the creations of these artists. 

The Iris Collection presents a global aesthetic of style and trends in jewelry; truly offering something for everyone across all ethnicities and genders. We aim to provide a unique and culturally rich jewelry experience, unlike any other in the U.S. Our focus goes beyond the surface of fashion; regularly spotlights featured countries where our designers are from, along with blog content focused on various cultural events and holidays from around the world. 

Based in Chicago, Iris Trends also features and sells the work of local emerging jewelry artists. We are honored to have been featured in magazines from Lucy ’s to Vogue, and our Collection enjoyed by a number of celebrities and influencers. We are so excited to share the Iris Collection with you! 


 Iris Trends showcases a cast of collections on a rotating basis. We are always looking for a new designer or trend to share, while maintaining and building our relationships with our wonderful current Iris Collection designers. At the moment, we feature designers from:

|France|Portugal|Spain|Poland|South Africa|Netherlands|England|Scotland|Turkey|Taiwan|India|Columbia| Australia|China|Philippines|Israel|Hungary|Canada|Greece|Ecuador|Peru|


1. Sophia Esperanza | Avante Magazine

2. Bretman Rock | Gay Times Magazine

3. Ajiona Alexus | Hulu After Party

4.Jared Harris & Allegra Riggio | Golden Globes

5. Marina Ruy Barbosa | L'Officiel Magazine

6. Katy Perry | London Press Tour

7. Lauren Daigle | People Magazine

8. Nicki Minaj | "Hard White" Music Video

9. Brenda Song | Grumpy Magazine

10. Terry & Rebecca Crews | Billboard Music Awards


Audrey Olenick has brought life to her love of jewelry through Iris Trends. Audrey has had a passion for jewelry ever since she was a little girl, when she would go to garage sales and spend her allowance on vintage pearl clip on earrings  and necklace sets from the 1950s. Her childhood bedroom walls were adorned with her treasures, displayed like pieces of artwork. She even began making her own jewelry, and sold her creations at local art fairs during the summertime. 

Audrey still is a collector of costume jewelry for her own personal collection, and she is delighted to share her curation for Iris Trends with you! She strives to find one of a kind pieces that are designed and handmade in the jewelry artist ’s country of origin, and is particularly drawn to traditional fashion  jewelry materials - such as  acrylics  - that remind her of the vintage pieces she collected during her childhood. Her passion is uncovering the most unique jewelry creations from  around the world to bring to Iris patrons, and providing a platform for jewelry artists around the globe to share their amazing work.She hopes to further build a community of style and culture enthusiasts through Iris Trends.

“ Jewelry is meant to be fun and adventurous! Play around with it and maybe try on a piece you wouldn’t normally wear everyday, but can be a sparkly addition to a basic dress or t-shirt. Jewelry can be an extension of your creative identity in the fashion world. ” 

                                                                     - Audrey Olenick


We appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about Iris Trends.  Please feel free to visit to discover more about our  brand, and stay connected on Instagram by following @eyeofiris.   Iris Trends deeply admires your brand, and would be honored to be considered for a feature, or any sort of partnership that might come to mind for you. We hope to connect soon!

                                                                                           XOXO, Iris Trends 



Audrey Olenick Owner, Iris Trends 

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